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Grow younger.

The power to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, predict and prevent disease, and optimize your health is in the palm of your hand. Developed by top data scientists and practicing doctors for over 25 years, Groq Health is the first and only app to prescribe clinically proven treatments tailored to your unique body.
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Real People. Measurable Results.

Don’t take our word for it – read testimonials from real patients who saw incredible results. Note: All case studies feature clients of Groq Health’s leading physician-scientists who developed the model over the past two decades.

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Time to integrate your health story

Backed by over 25 years of research, we strive for a strategy that ensures no one is ignored or dismissed in their journey to better health.

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What can Groq Health do for me?

Your DNA is not your destiny. With our groundbreaking AI, we can help you reverse the signs and symptoms of aging and prevent disease before it strikes – even heritable conditions that have been in your family for generations.


Establish your health baseline

Gather your personal and family history, as well as your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more.



Build your G-Print

Go beneath the surface of your health story with biomarkers taken from blood draws, performance assessments, wearable technologies, and other in-depth Precision Diagnostics.



Run your G-Print through our AI

Our groundbreaking algorithms generate insights based on your health story and data, combining key aspects of your metabolism, hormones, DNA and more.



Prescribe the next steps in your health journey

We prescribe personalized prescriptions, supplements, medications, address sleep, nutritional guidance, exercise and restorative practices that are uniquely developed for your personal profile.


Transform your health story today

Add decades of health to your lifespan with an actionable plan to optimize your health.