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25 years of experience

Our Story

Most apps are modeled on generalized data bought from insurance companies and pharmaceutical reports: not real people or the doctors who have gotten to know and understand their patients over time. Groq Health is the only app built by real doctors, real physician-scientists, and personal, N-of-1 (or study of 1) health data.

Dr. Florence Comite handpicked and trained her team at the Comite Center, leading the field of personalized Precision Medicine – which takes each person's medical background, genetics, lifestyle, and more into account to provide customized care. Her highly skilled team analyzes hundreds of biomarkers in detail; gathers thorough lifestyle, personal and family history; and integrates and interprets a wide spectrum of health data. This proactive mindset allows the Center to predict, detect, prevent and reverse disorders of aging, even stopping them before symptoms appear.

The Center’s protocols, clinical database, extensive in-depth analysis, and pattern recognition are the backbone of Groq Health’s robust algorithm.


Our CEO & Founder

Meet Florence Comite MD

Florence Comite MD is intimately aware that no two people share the same health story, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine won’t work. Even she and her twin sister, Harriet, couldn’t be more different under the surface!

She has founded Women’s Health at Yale, revolutionized androgen therapy, and provided breakthrough treatments and research into male menopause. Her time as a student at the Yale School of Medicine, her 25 years as a Yale faculty member, her training at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at NIH, and her years of extensive research have made it abundantly clear:

Not only does everyone deserve individualized medicine, everyone needs it.

Meet the team

The experts behind Groq Health

  • Image of Florence Comite, MD
    Florence Comite, MDCEO & Founder

    Founder of the Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health; Leading expert in Precision Medicine & Health; Faculty Member at Yale University School of Medicine (1985-2010)

  • Image of Howard Morgan
    Howard MorganLead Advisor

    Chairman of B Capital Group; Managing Member of MFCIF; Co-founder and Special Advisor of First Round Capital; Director of Gust

  • Image of Munjal Shah
    Munjal ShahLead Advisor

    Co-founder and CEO of Health IQ; Director of Google Shopping (2010-2011); Co-founder and CEO of Like.com (acquired by Google); Investor and Advisor to many startups (including 7 IPOs)

  • Image of Henrik Werdelin
    Henrik WerdelinLead Advisor

    Founder of BARK; Board member of BarkBox; Founding partner of Prehype; Board Member of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group; Board Member of Issuu


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