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Joe's Story

"After watching both my parents fall seriously ill, I was determined to be proactive about my health…”

Joe's Case Summary

Joe: Male, Age 55, CEO

I have always been a very driven guy. I am a CEO, a workaholic, a gym fanatic, a proud single dad- I love to succeed in everything I do. I have always had an active, balanced lifestyle, to support my mental and physical health: I even meditate daily! But after my healthy dad died suddenly due to a heart attack at 64, and my mother was diagnosed with liver disease at 60, I had a real wake up call. How did I know if I was really as healthy under the surface? Would my kids suffer the angst of watching me fall sick and die too young, someday, too? I decided to find out.

I discovered that while I looked pretty healthy on the surface - after all, I have a 6-pack - underneath there were warning signs ahead. My hormones were out of kilter and my genetic and metabolic makeup suggested I could face similar problems to my mum, in another decade, if I continued to drink even moderate amounts of alcohol (I only have around a couple of cocktails, or a couple of glasses of wine daily: well below the average.)

I was easily affected by alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else would have the same response to it, though. The medical results were a wake-up call: but the data gave me the power to address my issues and fix what was invisible to me. The alcohol drinking would likely go on to cause disease in the future, like my mom. My children would suffer just like I am now. And they need to know for themselves too, what I had was a genetic trait, passed down by my mom. With a few easy tweaks to my diet, less drinking, cutting down by half, supplements, and prescriptions, I transformed my health trajectory in just three months. I’m now confident that I’ll be here with my kids for decades, hoping to see my great grandchildren! And I feel better than ever about my body and health. Most of all I feel that I don’t have to worry anymore, my kids will not have to watch me get sick and die young, that is a real gift.

What’s the science behind this success story?

Florence Comite MD

We assessed Joe’s G-Print, and found that Joe was already at Stage 2 fatty liver disease; and he had low testosterone. Low testosterone is a common sign of aging in all genders, which typically begins in the mid-thirties, Joe’s Stage 2 fatty liver disease stems from genetics, poor carbohydrate metabolism, and moderate to severe alcohol consumption. Using this insightful data, Joe altered his diet, reduced his alcohol consumption, and initiated a liver detox supplement and a natural stimulant for hormone production. He can now confidently move forward knowing his health trajectory has changed from his parents: despite sharing the same invisible markers beneath the surface.

We have shown that your genes do not have to dictate your destiny, that is very good news for all of us!

Note: Names have been changed to protect client anonymity

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