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Catherine's Story

“I was working out every day on a vegan diet, but my waistline was expanding no matter what I did…”


Catherine: Female, Age 41, Volunteer

It had started a few years ago: my waistline creeping up around my midsection, the fat becoming harder and harder to lose every time I gained it back after a diet. Even eating normally, it would be back almost immediately. At first, I blamed myself, cutting back on unhealthy foods and exercising more and more. But nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t just my appearance: my memory was getting worse, and my attention span was limited. But the doctors shrugged it off as simply a natural part of not being thirty anymore. We all find it harder to stay sharp and in shape as we get older, right? Eventually, I felt like I had to just give up: the changes were out of my control, and I was exhausted by the effort I had to put into not piling on the pounds. But quietly, I still longed for the body, strength, and confidence I had just five years ago.

But with precision medicine (in just one year!) I was able to stop strict dieting and strenuous exercise to just barely maintain my body, yet I’m now fitter than ever! I can now enjoy meals out with my family, spend time doing the activities I love instead of non-stop exhausting workouts, and I have the energy and attention span to focus on the friends and family I love. I don’t have to police what I eat all the time, and my insatiable hunger is gone: it feels amazing to be healthier than I was in my twenties. I feel like I have control of my body again.

What’s the science behind this success story?

Dr Florence Comite (MD)

By figuring out her G-Print through our algorithm built on over two decades of longitudinal data, we discovered that Catherine was dealing from undiagnosed glycemic variability and less than optimal hormones. That explained her difficulty shedding the unwanted weight around her waist. These findings also revealed that Catherine’s health trajectory pointed towards diabetes and osteoporosis in her future, if not reversed.

Using this unique precision data that had been missed by doctors who dismissed her as ‘normal for her age’, Catherine was prescribed with a unique, personalized prescription to adjust her hormonal and glycemic function, carefully developed through our algorithm that considered her precise health profile. We prescribed a CGM (a continuous glucose monitor, which is a little device on your arm) to find out what was causing her metabolic spikes and prescribed hormonal cream to optimize levels. Without this early intervention, Catherine would have continued gaining weight, even with her attempts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Within just one year, Catherine’s metabolism was restored, and her hormones were steadily trending toward the optimal range. Her memory is improved, and her concentration had got much better. Catherine feels better and has noticeable improvement in body composition: increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat around her midsection. Catherine feels more confident in her body, energized, cognitively sharp, and ready to embrace a future without painful workouts, hunger pangs, and diet regimes.

Note: Names have been changed to protect client anonymity

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